Ukrainian Refugees

Above Photo taken by Mercy Corps. Women and children fleeing Ukraine at the Romania border, 1st March 2022.

More than two million people who have fled the Ukraine conflict have crossed the border into Poland

Ten million people have now fled their homes in Ukraine because of the Russian invasion, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says.

As well as the 3.6 million who have left for neighbouring countries, another estimated 6.5 million people are thought to be displaced inside the war-torn country itself. The crisis intensifies daily, your Online Donation will make a difference.


I invite all Lasallians to support “La Salle for Ukrainians” as a concrete way to reach out to our sisters and brothers who are seeking refuge from war. Information about how to show our love and support accompanies this letter.

As we prepare to celebrate Easter, let us redouble our efforts to be builders of peace, witnesses to reconciliation and brightly shining beacons of hope. Let us raise our voices, and in the words of Pope Paul VI, shout from the rooftops “No more war, war never again!”


Brother Robert Schieler, FSC
Brother Superior