The Lasallian Foundation was established in 2004 by the De La Salle Brothers to support educational works and initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region.

Since its establishment in 2004, the Lasallian Foundation has supported projects and initiatives in Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and South Sudan. In recent years, the focus of the Lasallian Foundation has narrowed so that Pakistan and Papua New Guinea are now its main areas of operation.


The Lasallian Foundation receives much of its financial support from Lasallian schools and organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Significant financial support is also received through its Lasallian partners in Rome (DLSSI-ONLUS) and the United States (La Salle International). Donations from teachers in Lasallian schools, alumni and private donors are also a significant source of funding for the Foundation.

The Lasallian Foundation is an approved overseas aid foundation in Australia and has Deductible Gift Recipient status, meaning that all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Our Vision

Although we live in an age of tremendous wealth and progress, there are many children and youth who have little hope for the future due to poverty and ignorance. The Lasallian Foundation sees education as being a primary means where poor and disadvantaged children and youth are provided with the knowledge, skills and values that will lead to employment and academic opportunities, contribute to the betterment of families and local communities, and be valued citizens of their countries.

While based on the Lasallian Catholic ethos, the educational institutions and organisations supported by the Lasallian Foundation are open to all, regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender. A particular focus for projects is to provide opportunities and facilities for the education of girls, challenging and overcoming the cultural barriers that limit girls reaching their full potential.