St Solomon School, Ahmadabad

St Solomon School is located in Ahmadabad on the outskirts of Multan in Pakistan.

It provides a primary education for 275 boys and girls from Prep to Grade 6. The children come from very low income families whose parents mainly work as sweepers or labourers. The parents themselves are usually illiterate. The parents are requesting that the school extend its range of classes to Grade 10 (Matriculation). Currently students from St Solomon School go to another Lasallian school in Multan, Albans Academy, for secondary education.

In 20222, Br Waseem, Principal of St Solomon has Requested   

This project request is for furniture, the basic needs are desks, chairs, benches, carpet, sittings benches (seats outside for the guests or parents).  

The reasons for the proposed project are as follows. 

  • St. Solomon School was initially started as a primary school and for the past two years, on the persistent requests from the parents of the local area, efforts have been made to bring it up to the ‘Elementary Level’. 
  • The current furniture is in a bad condition as it has been repaired several times. 
  • It’s a growing school and the numbers of the students are increasing day by day. 
  • As the number of students are increasing, we need more furniture and other basic teaching and learning equipment.  
  • We also do not have any sitting area and seats for the guests and parents who come to drop and collect their children from school. The students from playgroup are too small and mostly the parents are waiting outside to take them home.   

 The request for this project is made to provide basic needs of furniture to students and teachers of St Solomon School. Since the school is growing rapidly and it is now up to the ‘Elementary Level’ and the number of the students is increasing the school requires equipment to maintain this growth. It has been always a priority in the institution to be equipped with educational tools and provide a comfortable educational atmosphere to our students. As Lasallian Community around the world is the icon of providing the best educational system. Therefore, the efforts are to provide the basic educational resources to the students. With this not only students of the school will benefit, but also its teachers.  

The total amount requested is AUD$ 6,634


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