La Salle High School Khushpur

Furniture and boundary wall renovations

La Salle High School Khushpur was founded in 1961 to provide a better and balanced education to the poor children of this Catholic village. Initially it was a high school and in 2010 at the request of the village parents, the Primary section was established for boys and girls to promote Catholic education in the area.

The Current enrolment is 456 students, there are now 146 girls in Primary. The number of female students are increasing every year for all the primary classes. Therefore the school administration is planning to start level six class(for girls) in the near future as this is the  need and request of the village parents in recent years. We require new classroom furniture to support the growth of our student numbers. The existing furniture is in poor condition and is not repairable. It needs urgent attention in order to provide the basic facilities and best learning environment to the students.

We also request funding to improve the safety of our boundary wall, the east side of the boundary wall is really damaged and it needs urgent construction before it falls. This wall is attached with the main gate of the school and students who pass by are instructed not go near the wall. This is a government requirement and we need to have proper security measures.

Br. Qumar John fsc

The Lasallian Foundation is pleased to inform our network, the funds requested by the community of La Salle Khushpur were received in late 2021. Below is a link to a short presentation of the boundary wall construction and renovations to the entry of the school. We wish to thank all those involved in this project who donated and Br Qumar for his oversight and management.