St Joseph’s Girl’s High School Gujranwala

Pre School Classroom renovations Project

St Joseph’s Girls High School (Pre-School Section) is faced with a lack of facilities that are now considered the most basic for a preschool, for example media, room, whiteboards, and other learning tools. The school lacks modern facilities which are very important learning tools for the children aged 4 to 6 years when they are enrolled in a school. The execution of this project will provide some basic and modern facilities to the students of the pre-school and staff.

Currently there are 150 female students, 12 teachers and 2 support staff who will all benefit from the renovation and refurbishment project. Having modern basic facilitates such as LED (TV) in preschool classes, installing whiteboards in all the classes, purchasing teaching and learning material, educational toys, and activities which enhance motor skills in children, electrical work to improve lighting, purchasing soft boards for classes to pin student work. Finally, purchasing  stands for students to  hang their the school bags depicts the urgent need for donations to make a difference in their lives. The estimated cost of this project is AUD $10,000, to donate please click this link Online Donation

St. Joseph’s Girls High School main building was established in 1962 and at that time this was called St Joseph’s Urdu School. Later in 1973, the school got forcibly nationalized and administration was given to the local government. Later in 2003, the school got denationalized and the Arch Bishop of the Archdiocese of Lahore looked after the school through the Catholic Board of Education Lahore. In 2014 the administration of the school was given to the Sisters of Charity who supervised the school till March 2018. In April 2019 the hold of St Joseph’s School was given to La Salle Brothers by Arch Bishop Sebastian Shaw. Br Christie Dorus was the first Lasallian principal of this school. Over the decades, this school has been fulfilling the need for education for the poor children of its surrounding. With the many changes to management, we hope the Lasallian network can get on board to raise funds and help the youngest in our care thrive.