Casimir Catholic College, Marrickville


Casimir Catholic College is a diocesan co-educational Years 7-12 secondary school located in the inner-west suburbs of Sydney. Casimir was founded in 1983 following the amalgamation of St Bridget’s College (a secondary school for girls) and De La Salle College (a secondary school for boys). The College currently has 680 students representing twenty-eight different nationalities with the most prominent representations being from Greece, Portugal, Vietnam, Philippines, and a number of Pacific Island countries. The college also has a small proportion of Indigenous students.

In 2020, Casimir Catholic College supported several church and local charities including the Lasallian Foundation. The College contributed $1220 to the Lasallian Foundation to pay for water treatment costs at La Salle Urdu Campus #2 in Faisalabad, Pakistan.