Albans High School Multan

Furniture and computer upgrade- Project complete

The Lasallian Foundation is pleased to report the following project was submitted in late 2021 and completed in early 2022. Br Moon Atif FSC coordinated the purchase of equipment and renovations. He expressed his sincere thanks when writing to the Foundation recently. The Lasallian Foundation was able to transfer funds in November 2021 and ensure the basic requests for student learning were achieved.

Albans high school request to the Lasallian Foundation was for funds to upgrade computers and renovate the computer lab. The computers as expressed by the Principal  Br Moon Atif in the proposal are are very old and no longer able to cater to the school and students needs.  The request for funding was also to update and purchase quality furniture for the classrooms and replace teachers chairs and tables which are very old. He also writes, they haven’t been changed for many years and the wooden furniture is very old, mostly damaged and broken.

The school has a separate secondary campus  for boys and girls as required by the government.  Sadly, the school only has one computer lab which is shared between both the boys and girls sections. There are 112 boys and 85 girls enrolled in secondary school.  To highlight the difficulty, teachers must also share the computers with students to prepare work and teach lessons. Many of the families struggle to find ways to  pay for their children to attend school, especially girls.


“I wish to mention some of the major things purchased and repaired. Teachers desks and tables, teachers chairs and chairs  and desks for students. Computer desks for students and computer chairs. The renovation of the computer lab also involved, floor tiling, ceiling and wall repairs, electrical work and the purchase of new Computers. Once again we, the students and staff of Albans High School extend our gratitude to the Lasallian Foundation and the community of St Michael’s College, Adelaide for their generous financial help. “

Total Request Amount for furniture: AUD$: 9,574

Total request Amount for Computer lab AUD $10386


Old desks
Old computer desks
New Computer chairs
Renovated classroom