La Salle Girls’ High School, Sant Singh Wala, WASH Project

Sant Singh Wala Water and Sanitation (WASH) Project

The existing student washrooms at Sant Singh Wala are very old and badly damaged. Plaster is falling off many places and the washroom brick walls are increasingly losing brick. The roof is leaking and there is a danger that the roof will collapse during the rainy season. Over the years the school has been continually repairing the damage but the contractor has advised that it is not worth continuing to repair the present washroom the building in its current state will not last long. The project proposes erecting six new washrooms before the existing one falls and causes serious injuries to students.

The current cement drinking water tank was built many years ago. It is now damaged baldly with seeping from the walls and leaking taps and needs to be replaced.

The total cost of erecting the washrooms is $19,000. James Sheahan Catholic High School (NSW) and La Salle College, Middle Swan (WA) are contributing to the Lasallian Foundation so that this project can be implemented in the second half of 2021.