La Salle Girls’ High School, Faisalabad

La Salle Girls’ High School is located on a site in Faisalabad adjacent to La Salle High School and College and La Salle Urdu High School. The high school was established in 2012, and La Salle Girls’ High School and La Salle High School and College have a common Principal and governance structures. A total of 565 girls are enrolled at the school, with 11 classes ranging from Nursery to Grade 10. For cultural reasons, girls are taught separately from boys and have their own dedicated recreation area.

The Lasallian Foundation facilitated a submission to the Lasallian Secretariat for Solidarity and Development for funding to replace the roof of the school during 2020. The building in which the girls’ high school operates is the oldest building on the Faisalabad site, and in late 2019 structural problems led to classes being relocated to spare rooms on the adjacent campuses.