La Salle Urdu High School, Faisalabad

La Salle High School Campus 2 is an Urdu language high school for boys in Faisalabad that offers an education to Christian and Muslim students from extremely poor areas in the city.

The school was founded in 1961. The school is co-educational up to Year 6. After Year 6, it only educates boys due to the national requirement that there must be physically separate campuses for boys and girls after Year 6. At present there are 257 students (169 boys, 88 girls) and 21 staff in primary school, and 267 boys and 16 staff for the high school.

Many of the students come from broken families. In many cases, they lack even the most basic facilities at home. The parents of these children are mainly labourers on daily wages, sanitary workers or unemployed, and all find it difficult to pay even a very small sum of money for tuition fees. The students come from areas where they are exposed to social problems such as drugs, child labour and domestic violence. These circumstances pose challenges to the school in its ability to deliver a quality education.

In early 2021 the Lasallian Foundation was able to assist the urgent need for water purification maintenance at a cost of $1500. Details of the project can be found here; Water Purification Project

This project was followed by a request for basic classroom facilities in November 2021, the Lasallian Foundation provided La Salle High School Campus 2 with $17,000 for the purchase of 10 desktop computers, desks , chairs, a projector, photocopier and 2 printers. The project also included an upgrade to the science laboratory, purchase of equipment and resources to assist with practical lessons.  Both projects materialised because of the generosity from the Lasallian network of schools and individual donors.

On behalf of the students and staff of La Salle high School Campus 2, I wish to extend my genuine thanks to the Lasallian Foundation, for your kind generosity in giving us this funding and for your understanding. I wish also to thank all our donors who contributed to this project.

Once again thank you very much and may God bless all the good work you do.

Thank you,

Yours truly,

Br. Sajid Bashir FSC


La Salle High School Campus 2