Preschool classroom renovations for St Joseph’s

Infant students receive a much needed refurbishment to their classroom.

A request was made to the Foundation for AUD $9000 to purchase new equipment, educational toys, furniture and complete some much needed painting for the preschool classrooms  in late 2023.  The completion of the project not only benefited the preschool students but the 150 students and 12 teachers who make up the community of St Joseph’s Gujranwala. The preschool classroom renovations aimed to foster a positive atmosphere for learning and included modern teaching materials  such as audio visual equipment, projectors and  T.V screens. New resources and white boards have aided the teaching and learning environment.

The Lasallian Foundation wishes to thank all those in our network who contributed to funding this significant project.

Principal Br Rehman Javed wrote,

” Your invaluable contributions have significantly impacted our educational endeavors, and we are profoundly grateful for your unwavering support. To the donors, please convey our heartfelt gratitude, their support has been invaluable and deeply appreciated. Thank you for your continued partnership and unwavering support. Contributions are instrumental in shaping a brighter future for our students.”


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