St Josephs’ Hostel is on the road!

In January 2020 His Grace, Rt. Rev. Archbishop Sebastian Shaw handed over the hostel to the management of the La Salle Brothers. Br. Naqash Sarfraz FSC was given the responsibility by the Brothers to look after the Hostel from January 2020. Br Naqash has worked  tirelessly to improve the condition of the hostel for the students.  He wrote to the Lasallian Foundation in September 2022.

The Hostel is in need of a vehicle as children often get sick and it’s difficult to take them to hospital or transport them for other emergencies during the day or night. We also have to purchase groceries on the weekends and the wholesale markets are also quite far from the hostel. The cost to use public transport to buy groceries and provisions for the hostel is increasing and it is also difficult to travel with these items during the warmer days. We also need a vehicle to help us transport the students to Mass each day. 

The total cost of the van including registration and insurance, was AUD $13500. The Brothers community in Gujranwala would like to say thank you to all those who have generously donated to the Lasallian Foundation. Small acts of kindness can change the lives of so many.

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