St Albert’s Catechist Training Centre

St Albert’s Catechist Training Centre (CTC) is located in the village of Khushpur in Punjab Province, Pakistan, about 250 kms from the Provincial Capital, Lahore. Khushpur is the largest Christian village in Pakistan. CTC is situated in the largest Catholic village in Pakistan. Being located in a rural village means that there are numerous challenges in the areas of communications, electricity, gas, sewerage and drinking water. However, the Christian atmosphere of Khushpur is of great benefit to the CTC students and staff.

The Catechist Training Centre (CTC) is vital to the mission of the Catholic Church in Pakistan for it is here that young men are trained and formed to spread the Gospel throughout the country. The formation course lasts three years and all students live on site. After graduation, catechists become full time assistants to the priests in their parishes. The evangelisation of Pakistan relies on the catechists.

On successfully completing the three-year program, the catechists receive a Diploma in Religious Studies. There are usually about 50 students from all six Pakistani dioceses at the Centre, with about 15 graduating each year. The majority of the students come from impoverished families, and their training and living expenses are covered partially by their dioceses and by generous European benefactors.

Married candidates come to Khushpur with their wives and children. The wives receive skills training and religious education, and the children attend village schools.  Because of the segregation of the sexes in Pakistani society, the educated wives can be of great help to their catechist husbands.

CTC facilities and equipment are in urgent need of refurbishment and updating. The Lasallian Foundation is actively seeking donors who can provide financial support for any or all of the following projects:

  1. The provision of liturgical music instruments ($12,000)
  2. Updating administration and teaching resources ($18,000)
  3. Single men’s dormitories refurbishment and construction of four adjacent rooms ($41,000)
  4. Provision of an access road ($18,000)