La Salle Technical College Hohola

Generator Purchase

La Salle Technical College, Hohola have often experienced blackouts in the past which impact the daily operation of the school and recently the blackouts have become  frequent. Unfortunately, the school has been sending students home at midday due to the power cuts. As it is a Technical School, students are unable to use computers and power equipment for their learning . As we know Port Moresby climate is warm, with high levels of humidity, students and teachers are physically unable to stay in the classrooms. The disruption the students and staff face has greatly affected the learning environment for all.

Current school Principal Br Antony Swamy has written and described the situation regarding a request for for funding. He writes,  “…the current generator we have at the school is 125 KVA Gen-set,  it is 15 years old and recently it got burned due to continuous power fluctuations. We asked a few companies to investigate the problem but only one was is willing to repair it. The cost of the parts and repairing charges are higher than expected. It is almost K47,000 to repair it.”(AUS $18,350.00)

Br Antony has also sent through a quotation for a new generator, at a cost of K 178,000 (AUS $69,400.00) where the workmanship is guaranteed and the quality will serve the school community well in the coming years with an increase in students attending.  Finally, he leaves us with this message;

“La Salle Technical College, Hohola will be deeply appreciative if the Lasallian foundation could look at our request and support us during this time of this great need”

Br Antony Swamy FSC