La Salle High School Khushpur

Classroom and veranda renovations

La Salle High School Khushpur was founded in 1961 to provide a better and balanced education to the poor children of this Catholic village. Initially it was a high school and in 2010 at the request of the village parents, the Primary section was established for boys and girls to promote Catholic education in the area.

Today the Current enrolment is 456 students, there are now 146 girls in Primary. The number of female students are increasing every year for all the primary classes. Therefore the school administration is planning to start level six class(for girls) in the near future as this is the need and request of the village parents.

As the school is increasing the number of female students (grades six and seven) we require 2 new classrooms to prepare and accommodate the growth. This will provide an adequate environment for teaching and learning. This will also abide by government regulations to provide separate classes for girls education. We will ensure the continuity of learning for female students to establish comprehensive, effective and high quality education. We want our learning environment in school to be safe, gender-responsive and child-friendly. Finally, we want to meet the needs of the most marginalized girls of the Christian village.

The cost of this renovation is AUD $30,500

Br Qumar John FSC