PNG Container Projects

Over the past ten years, the Lasallian Foundation has provided assistance and financial support for containers that have been sent to Papua New Guinea filled with furniture, books and other resources denoted by Lasallian and other schools and organisations.

In 2020, Holy Spirit College, Lakemba (NSW), donated a container which was packed by Lasallian Mission Services personnel and sent to Port Moresby in August 2020.

The most recent container was organised by St John’s College, Dandenong (VIC) and arrived in Port Moresby in March 2021. The contents of the container were distributed to schools in Port Moresby according to their needs.

A second container, donated by La Salle College, Bankstown (NSW) will be sent to Port Moresby later this year. Donations of furniture and other resources have been received from primary and secondary schools in the vicinity of Bankstown.

No more containers will be sent from Australia to Papua New Guinea after this year as the cost of transport, wharf and customs charges and the time and energy involved in packing and distributing the contents outweigh the perceived benefits.