Proposed Catechist Training Centre Infrastructure and Resource Projects

St Albert Catechist Training Centre (CTC) began operating in 1951, and moved to facilities in Khushpur provided by the De La Salle Brothers in 1990. Nearly 1000 catechists have graduated from the CTC since it opened. The operating costs of CTC are funded by the Catholic Archdiocese of Cologne (Germany), the Italian Catholic Bishops’ Conference and the Pakistan Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

The facilities and equipment at CTC are in urgent need of repair and upgrading as there has been no funding available for ongoing maintenance and replacement of equipment for several decades. Donors are sought for the following four projects which will enable CTC to continue its valuable work of training catechists for the six dioceses of Pakistan.

Project 1: CTC Liturgical Music Instruments Project

Liturgical music is an important part of the CTC curriculum. By the end of the training the students must learn at least one instrument to play, with the harmonium and tabla being the favourite instruments of the students. The catechists will be expected to lead the choir in their parishes, and sing during Mass, prayer services and devotions. Many people in the rural areas are illiterate, and most of the prayers and devotions they learn is done through singing hymns and psalms. There are insufficient instruments for the current students on which to learn and practice, and the instruments that are available are old and worn out and in need of replacement.

Project Cost: $12,000

Project 2: CTC Single Men’s Dormitories Refurbishment and Extension Project

There are four big dormitories that accommodate 35 single men who are training to be catechists. The floors of the dormitories needs replacing and the walls need to be repaired and re-painted. The building is old and have not been painted for a long time It needs a full color washing and paint. Four additional rooms are needed adjacent to the dormitories to provide space for study, recreation and prayer.

Project Cost: $41,000

Project 3: CTC Access Road Project

The current means of accessing CTC is problematic as it requires staff and students to use a pathway on private land which is impassable during wet weather. The project address this access problem by constructing a new access road to the main building on land owned by the De La Salle Brothers.

Project Cost: $18,000

Project 4: CTC Equipment Project

CTC only has five old computers and two leased printers in working condition, a grossly inadequate number for the 50 catechists have to do their assignments and research papers. There is no photocopying machine, and a staff member needs to travel to a town 10 kilometres away to make copies of reading materials and exam papers. There are no audio-visual aids available for instruction and fans are no longer working in the dormitory area.

The project when funded and implemented will provide 10 re-conditioned computers, two laptops, two printers, a photocopier, a scanner, a multi-media projector, office furniture and some sewing machines for staff and student use.

Total Cost: $18,000